Hi, I'm Ruth.
I am a Brand Strategist and Designer. I'd love to help you craft your brand.
Great branding is a combination of science, empathy & creativity with purpose at its heart. Average brands are liked, great brands are loved.
Using a custom designed 6 point brand star method, we will explore the rational and emotional elements that communicate your brand's purpose and cross check that with your customers' needs and desires. 
We will map your own strengths in each vector against your competitors to uncover what is at the heart of your business, and develop a strategy to communicate that to the outside world.
Understand your business objectives.
Explore the competitive marketplace.
Refine your positioning. 
Define your purpose.

Understand what drives the people in your company.
Uncover what drives your followers.
Define how to connect the people who will drive your brand forward.

Craft a your story and build a brand book that celebrates it.
Design a beautiful and meaningful logo.
Create stunning, intelligent imagery that pulls at the heartstrings.
Develop brand guidelines so your brand experience is consistent.
Design brand experiences that immerse your followers in your brand.

Ready to start crafting your brand?