d3o is an intelligent impact protection material. It is soft and flexible when moved slowly but the intelligent molecules lock together on impact; spreading the force, returning to fluid motion when the impact is over. The brand identity reflects this changing state from soft to hard. The orange is a fluorescent Pantone which literally jumps out from the page. This colour was chosen because of its active association, and paired with white to represent the science behind the technology. 
d3o is an ingredient brand like Gore-tex so appears on other brand's products. So, the name needed to be short, and the logo simple and easily recognisable. The photography represents the fluidity of the product, as does the mesh vector graphic.
Brand essence:

Brand purpose:
To enable athletes from all sporting backgrounds to enhance their performance by making impact protection almost invisible.

Brand Statement:
For sporting professionals and amateurs alike, d3o is the impact protection brand that delivers flexible, comfortable, almost invisible impact protection. Only d3o contains patented intelligent molecules that lock together on impact to protect you.

d3o: Intelligent shock absorption
The trade show design needed to engage, delight and surprise a new audience whilst as a new brand, build credibility. The wall on the left depicts a montage of all the d3o athletes that have been testing the product along with video. To surprise and delight, we designed a unit that contained 'pure d3o intelligent molecules' which is effectively the raw material inside d3o (right). This material (like a liquid putty) dramatically demonstrates how d3o works. You can squish it between your fingers but when you hit it with a mallet, it solidifies instantly.
For some markets, (e.g. motorcycle), it was necessary to adapt that brand and use black as the partner colour instead of white. White for these brands was seen as to weak, wheras in snowsports white means ;cool' and 'tech'.
These POS units were designed for various brands to demonstrate the use of d3o inside their products (e.g. Armadillo scooter wear, HEAD, Spyder) and would appear in retail as demonstrations and talking points.
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