The kora logo is a representation of the origin of the products, the philosophy of the company, the name kora and the properties of the product itself.
The triangle represents the mountainous Himalayas where the yaks that supply kora's wool, and their nomad herders live, at 5000m altitude. The line that travels around the mountain represents a 'kora' which is the Tibetan word for the circumambulation around a mountain; this is a pilgrimage that many Tibetans of all ages take around sacred mountains. In this way the name kora, and the line that wraps around the mountain in the logo, represents the fact that the company gives back to the communities in the Himalayas that supply its wool. The value chain starts in the Himalayas and returns there, the path is continuous and never ending, represented in the logo.
As the line wraps around the mountain, it represents the way the base layers wrap around and protect your body in extreme environments, and also makes the shape of yak horns, again echoing the origin of the product. In fact when the nomadic herders first saw the logo, this is the first thing they saw!
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