The harmony of 
rational & emotional thinking

Despite what we might like to think, humans are not just rational beings. Much of our decision making is based on feeling rather than a series of calculations. However these feelings come from a lifetime of experience. We have the ability to assess and judge a situation, person (or product) in a matter of seconds, and this skill is increasingly in demand with the technological revolution. Malcolm Gladwell called it ‘thin slicing’ I just call it being human.
Brands don’t really exist. They are merely apparitions in a moment of time. If brands are truly to be successful, we need to understand that we need to appeal to both the rational and emotional sides of the human constitution, but we also need to make sure they are alive and breathing as the people we want them to build connections with.
Through years of experience, I have narrowed down the attributes of the brand to 3 rational and 3 emotional elements; each an opposing pair working in harmony to deliver what you perceive you need from the brand, but also what you desire. This forms the structure of the brand star.
At a brand's heart
The core of a brand lies in it's essence, purpose and promise.
A brand's essence should be felt through all the element pairs within the brand star. It is the compass that guides the brand.  The essence describes a question that should be asked at every juncture; “how can we demonstrate our purpose here” in order to prove that we the people behind the brand truly live and believe in its purpose.
Bringing the brand to life
To truly create a living brand, you have to go deep. Every component of the company requires careful thought to ensure whoever comes into contact with the brand feels its purpose. It's not just what you project, it's the hundreds of actions you make and decisions you take.
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